Commercialization of hotels and hotel projects

Maximizing income while maintaining the full attractiveness of the facility

Did you know that a hotel needs guests to be successful, and guests will not come without an efficient operator? The success of an investment may be determined by affiliation with a well-known hotel chain or a quick return on invested capital, as in the condo hotel formula. At HIDA we will advise you which investment model will be best for your project and strategy.

A wide scope of services

New hotel investment
Hotel existing on the market
Its worth to know!
In Poland, only about 23% of hotel rooms are in chains, compared to over 44% in neighboring Germany. The attractiveness of chain hotels is not declining and the vast majority of hotels sold in Poland in the last 10 years are chain hotels. Branding is not the solution to all challenges in a hotel project, but it usually solves the key one – can the hotel be sold at all? If, in addition, a potential project is eligible for sale, then its value is determined by the valuation of the property, without which it is impossible to provide financing for the construction of a hotel.

Potential for new investments?

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